Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 Coweta-Fayette Literature Fair Winners

2nd Grade:
     1st Place: Caleb Townsend - Balto
     2nd Place: Ryan Peterson - The Cay
     3rd Place: Sarah Sweatman - Midnight on the Moon

3rd Grade:
     1st Place: Maximus Brewer - The Chocolate Touch
     2nd Place: Jeanna Bradfield - The Wizard of Oz
     (No 3rd place winner)

4th Grade:
     1st Place: Annalie Harris - The Book of Three
     2nd Place: Carter Peace - The Stink Files
     3rd Place: Benjamin Headley - The Twenty-One Balloons

5th Grade:
     1st Place (TIE): Isaac Townsend - Robinson Crusoe
                               Gracie Kinney - The Hunger Games
     2nd Place: Anna Prather - The Wheel on the School
     3rd Place: Laney Allen - The Railway Children

6th Grade:
     1st Place: Andrew Saba - The Two Towers
     2nd Place: Ethan Clary - The Hobbit
     3rd Place: Sam Bradfield - Shakespeare's Scribe

7th/8th Grade (Group 1)
     1st Place: Ethan Leak - The Invention of Hugo Cabret
     2nd Place: Joey Hukin - Castaways at the Flying Dutchman
     3rd Place: Will Lloyd - The Hardy Boys: The Mysterious Caravan

7th/8th Grade (Group 2)
     1st Place: Brittany Adams - The Hiding Place
     2nd Place: Jacob Dodson - My Side of the Mountain
     3rd Place (TIE): Matthew Dell - Guardians of Ga'hoole
                                Katherine Fairbanks - The Looking Glass Wars

7th/8th Grade (Group 3)
     1st Place: Lauren Regier - Caddie Woodlawn  
     2nd Place: Elisabeth Smith - Dragon Spell
     3rd Place: Kristin Trainer - Starlight Time and the New Physics

Groups Division:
     1st Place: Margi Latta & Mikee Latta - Spirit Fighters
     2nd Place: Jonathan Snyder & Noah Sweatman - The Mystery of the Ancient Pyramid
     3rd Place: Kaeleb Sandstrom & Ben Sandstrom - The 39 Clues: Book 1

Honorable Mentions:
     Joshua Leak: 4th Grade - A Lion to Guard Us