Saturday, February 14, 2015

See you in Fall 2016!

     The most wonderful part of helping to coordinate the Literature Fair is definitely the children.  They are joyful, exuberant, helpful, and quick to offer their knowledge gained from reading their chosen books.  We are honored to serve your families. 
     We are taking a year off from hosting the fair in order to make some changes and hopefully encourage more participants in the fall of 2016.  As a final note, I'd like to share this memory from yesterday:

     As we left the building after the fair, this young man turned and said to me:

"I'll see you in two years!"  ~Jamie Stovall

Thank you, Jamie.
We look forward to serving you.

~Denise Leak

2015 Literature Fair Photos

2015 Literature Fair

     We gathered together on a briskly cold Friday morning to celebrate the love of literature.  The students and families trickled in at 9:15 am to set up their projects and begin their literature fair experience.  We hosted 4 judges this year and 14 students.  By comparison, this was our smallest fair yet.  However, the atmosphere was intimate with an opportunity to have longer conversations with parents, students and judges. 

Here are the winners of the 2015 Literature Fair:


Winston Gray: Matchlock Gun


Jacob Harris: Epic of Gilgamesh

Avery Pruett: The Chocolate Touch

Andrew Stovall: The Knight at Dawn


Joshua Leak: Redwall

Rachel Pike: Mr. Popper's Penguins

William Gray: Little Men


Annalie Harris: A Different Kind of Courage

Maddie Smith:  Treasure Island

Hailey Shaw:  Catching Fire


Addison & Joseph Stovall: The Hungry Catepillar

Anna & Thomas Stovall: The Lorax

Congratulations to everyone!
In an effort to polish and renew the Literature Fair, we are taking a year off in 2016.  We hope to return to serve our community in 2017.  As a reminder to ourselves and our participants, we are posting our mission statement.  It is our desire to see our students love to learn and have a opportunity to share their literature experiences with others.  We covet your prayers, your support, and your creative ideas as we look forward to the fair in 2017.

Our Mission Statement
The Coweta-Fayette Literature Fair exists to enable home school students to immerse themselves in quality literature; research an appropriate topic(s) associated with the literature; share their gained knowledge and completed work through written word, a display, and an interview with a judge; and experience success through the completion of required tasks, all within a Godly environment.