Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Welcome to the Coweta-Fayette Homeschool Literature Fair Blog! We are just a group of three home school moms who love enriching literature and want to pass that love on to our children. It all begins with a book. Then, the children journey through the book, going deeper. So deep, in fact, that by the end of the process, the children can claim ownership of that book. The process, while rigorous, appeals to different learning styles. Participants are learning skills that will serve them well throughout their lives - organization, communication - both written and verbal, perseverance, and grace. And, afterwards, they have the satisfaction of a job well done. My children tend to keep their projects for a few months after the fair because of all the hard work that went into them! No matter what the complaining during the process, there is an excitement that builds as we get closer to Literature Fair day. My daughter equated it to the night before Christmas - and she is in high school! Every year on the drive home, my children have thanked me for bringing them to the Literature Fair. Participating in the Literature Fair is such a rewarding process on so many levels ... and it all begins with a book.


  1. "It all begins with a book!" I love it. Thank you for organizing and executing the literature fair each year for us. It's such a blessing.