Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 Literature Fair

On February 15th, the 2013 Coweta-Fayette Literature Fair was a beautiful success thanks to the volunteer judges, amazing students, and generosity of Carriage Lane Presbyterian Church.  We filled the building with 13 judges, 58 projects, nearly 70 students, and an untold number of visitors.

Each year, students from two counties and numerous groups, work diligently to read a book, research a topic related to the story, write a research paper, complete a book report and display a hands-on project.  The work is challenging and enjoyed by the students who choose a favorite book.  This fair is offered to allow students to interact with judges for an interview, to encourage a love of literature, and to celebrate the love of learning.

Our largest grade level division this year was 7th/8th grade.  The students came from a variety of home school programs in the area including The Bridge Writing Class from Eagle's Nest Christian Home Educators and Coram Deo Classical School.  The competition was quite fierce with excellence in writing and creativity.

Winners for the 2013 Literature Fair:

Groups Division:
1st: Kaeleb & Ben Sandstrom -  War of the Worlds
2nd: Josh Regier, Andrew Saba & Jonathan Lorincz - Ruins of Gorlan
3rd: Jonathan Snyder & Noah Sweatman - Mr. Lincoln's Drummer

K/1st Grade:
Aimee June - The Grouchy Ladybug
Cadence Cott - Angelina Ballerina
Luke Sweatman - Llama Llama Red Pajama

2nd Grade:
1st: Vogan Cott
2nd: Grant Prather -The Hobbit
3rd: Laura Snyder - Kit Learns a Lesson

3rd Grade:
1st: Jack Bradfield - Charlotte's Web
2nd: Sarah Sweatman - Mr. Popper's Penguins
3rd: Jenna Bradfield - Peter Pan

4th Grade:
1st: Rebecca Coffee - King of the Wind
2nd: Anna June - The Secret Garden
3rd: Joshua Leak - The Goblet of Fire

5th Grade:
1st: Ben Headley - Mr. Popper's Penguins
2nd: Chloe Crotts - Back to School
3rd: Luke Lauw - Track Star

6th Grade:
1st: Laney Allen - The Secret Garden
2nd: Anna Prather - The Quilt Walk
3rd: Carter Peace - Carry a Big Stick

7th Grade:
1st: Sam Bradfield - The Hobbit
2nd: Abbey Huse - Millie's Reluctant Sacrifice
3rd: Nicholas Tolar - Catching Fire

8th Grade:
1st: (Tie) Jacob Masters - Across Five Aprils
               Carey Johnson - The Lord of the Rings
2nd: Lauren Regier - The Greatest Wonder in Egypt
3rd: Alaina Strickland - Countdown

10th Grade:
1st: Cody West - The Adventures of Huck Finn

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